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L&R of Chesterfield has been in operation since 2015. We provide a residential service program that provides high quality care for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Individuals we serve may also carry a secondary diagnosis of Mental Illness. Currently, our program has 2 homes to serve the community in Chesterfield County. At L&R, individuals have opportunities to learn and increase a variety of life skills, health and safety skills, and experience a variety of community activities to support each individual in having a life that is meaningful and makes them happy. Individuals at L&R also have opportunities to work in the community, or participate in day support programs that enrich their lives. Our staff are well trained in the human services field. L&R staff are compassionate, patient, and experienced. We emphasize that all persons are to be respected and be treated the way we want to be treated. Dignity and respect are core elements that are practiced in our program. In addition, each employee must follow and understand the concept of Human Rights. We are here to serve these individuals and the community with love and compassion.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for visiting L&R.

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